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Manufacturers of handmade Bespoke and Quarry Tiles
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Author: shawtec

22 Nov A Village of Terra Cotta ..

For many years now, we have been supplying a delightful retirement village with our standard Terra Cotta 300 x 300 tiles, as they renovate and update the homes. We took a drive out there this week, it is a beautiful, peaceful place and we thought...

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12 Nov Launching ‘The EMERALD’

The time has finally come to bring our new product offering to life! We have been working behind the scenes to introduce a new colour line to our already existing range. With the absolute love for everything green at the moment, we felt it fitting...

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14 Nov Meet the Team

As most business owners will know, your team is one of your most important assets to your business. I am lucky that I have a great team of guys that have taught me a few things along the way. Our business has gone through a...

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16 Apr A Greyton Delight

It is always a pleasure to receive before and after photo's of what our clients have created with our tiles. This patio transformation was just that little bit more special as this beautiful home is situated in the town of Greyton. If you are familiar with the...

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09 Apr Reflecting Back…

We thought this a good time to look at where we are and how the last two or so years has shaped the future of Shaw Tec. Today’s Blog post is less about our products and projects, and more about us and how we have grown...

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